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How much do you spend on your commute?
It may be more than you think.

There are hidden costs in driving alone to work every day, beyond gas and tolls. And we all know too well how much the recent increases in gas prices has impacted our budget! 

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA-Cost of Driving), it costs an average of 54.0 cents per mile to drive a car: this includes gasoline ($2.70 per gallon), oil, maintenance, tires, and depreciation.

Say you had a 50-mile round-trip commute.
At 54.0 cents per mile:

Your daily commute cost would be $27.00
Your monthly commute cost would be $568.00
Your annual commute cost would be $6804.00

And this wouldn't even include tolls or parking.

Use the calculator to find out the true cost of your own drive-alone commute:

Enter the number of miles
you drive alone each day to work
Enter your daily tolls, if any $
Enter your daily parking costs, if any $


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